Brookside bike park wants to hear from youth

Hi everyone,
I know scouts, cubs, guides and others who are interested in their community and physical activity are often looking for projects to be involved with that are fun and give back to your community. (Some of this may even qualify for badge work).  This Sunday at 4:30pm Adam Shore from Shoreline Consulting will be at the Brookside Bike Park to hear from local youth as to what they would like to see at the bike jump park.  For those who don't know the bike park is between the pharmacy and Brookside Junior High.  Adam is looking for input on what the youth want there.  Are the jumps too high, too low, too far apart, too easy, etc.  Adam has connections so if local youth want introductory lessons on riding at jump parks I'm sure that can also be arranged as well.
This bike jump park came about a few years due to local youth who were interested in bike jumping.  As they have gotten a bit older and moved on to other interests the bike park remains for a new group of riders.  Adam was pondering the future of this park and I mentioned to him that I have seen kids riding there as well I have heard from a couple of parents wondering about it's future.  Now is your chance to have your input heard and help with it's future.  It makes no difference if you are seven or seventeen come have your voice heard.
Please share this with others who know who like to ride at the park and don't worry it won't take too long so you will be home in time for supper.
Peter Jollimore
Community Recreation Coordinator
BLT and Prospect Road areas

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