BCHA Survey For 2012

Wishing you a Happy New Year and all the best in 2012 as Brookside welcomes its new citizens, new members of your family (the executive has seen two recent arrivals - baby Isaac and baby Lauryn) as well as our new arrival at Yeadon Green - a new playground!
After several years of lobbying, the direct efforts by many executive members of BCHA these past years, and the goodwill and partnerships with HRM Parks and Rec and our Councillor, Reg Rankin, BCHA managed to get this playground brought back to its former level of play for our children. We hope you enjoy the renewed playground at Yeadon Green on Northcliffe Drive as it looks great even on a snowy day.
We have also completed the Lover's Cove Park picnic shelter and gardens on Cathy Road and the parking area at Wendy's Meadow Park on Melanson Lane…so we have had a great 2011!!
We invite you to further give us your feedback with a few minutes of your time to complete the community survey we have prepared to launch us forward in 2012. The results will be discussed and decisions taken at the Annual General meeting to be held on March 28th at the Prospect Road Community Centre.  Mark your new 2012 calendars to attend - your input shapes our community!
New Yeadon Green Playground
located on Northcliffe Drive

Family Support
Tues., Jan. 10, 8pm, PRCC

This meeting has been brought to the attention of the BCHA and we would like to pass it along to the community...
There has been a family in our community who lost their home to a fire just a few days ago. There is going to be a meeting held at the PRCC at 8pm on Tuesday January 10th. Come and help discuss how best to support this family in their time of need.

Upcoming Community Events

Rally for Somalia - Friday, January 20th
A community uniting for a great cause!  Supported by the Prospect and Area Community Churches.  The Red Cross will provide the community with some insight on the situation in Somalia and an update on the need.
Place:  Prospect Road Community Centre
Time:  7pm
All donations will go to the Somalia Relief Fund.  This is a great opportunity for you, your neighbourhood, your group, or school to make a donation for Somolia.
Music and refreshments provided. All welcome. More information call 852-4456

Free Family Movie Night
Saturday, January 14
New Life Baptist Church, 1760 Prospect Road
Come share a FREE Family Movie Night with family, friends, and neighbours on the big screen.  FREE popcorn and drinks provided.  Movie feature is Dolphin Tale.

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