Local School Info

There have been several great discussions and questions posed regarding school issues in the past month or so.  To address this, BCHA has put together some information we hope you will find helpful.
  1. What schools do students in Brookside attend?
  2. How do I find out if school is closed for a storm?
  3. Who do I call about a school bus issue ?
    • If about a discipline issue on the bus, then call your Vice Principal at your child’s school as they will be the prime contact.
    • If about locating a bus stop, go to https://www.stockhalifax.com/default.aspx?load=custompublic
    • If about bus stop safety, then call Stock Transportation at 481-8400
    • If looking for general information about pupil transportation , see the HRSB FAQs at http://www.hrsb.ns.ca/content/id/687.html
    • If other bus concerns, call the HRSB Administrator, Student Transportation, at 464-2000 ext. 2452
    • Élèves et parents de CSAP – faire le contact a 433-7045
  4. Who do I speak to if I have questions about the curriculum or outcomes in my child’s classroom?
  5. Where do I go to see policies in effect at my child’s school?
  6. What resources are available to help me work with my child’s school work in Nova Scotia?
  7. Who is my School Board representative that I may speak with on issues regarding our schools?
  8. Who do I speak to if I have concerns about the school building itself?
    • Speak directly to the school Principal first as often they may already have a request in to Operations (Property Services) to deal with the concern. They may direct you to the Board Operation for more detailed questions as this area is looked after at the Board, not school level.
    • Follow up with the School Advisor Committee (SAC) as often long range issues such as student overcrowding are being worked on by the school  already and your help is always needed.
    • Speak to your School Board rep – see above.
  9. Where do I find out the school calendar so I can better plan our family events?

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