Yeadon Green Gets A Facelift!

Everyone who walks the bicycle trail at Yeadon Green will have noticed that the old playground equipment has been removed in preparation for a facelift!  BCHA has been working with HRM for the past 3 summers to improve the playground at this park and we're excited that it's underway!  Special thanks to Councillor Reg Rankin for his support of this project.

Phase I began last fall with improvements to the drainage pathways behind the old play equipment.  That work helped divert water away from the play area.  The weather this summer has helped us identify other areas where drainage can be improved.

Phase II begins this fall with the removal of the old equipment (pics below) and will continue with raising the play area and improving the grading so that water will drain off into the existing waterways.

Phase III includes installing new play equipment complete with swings, a climbing apparatus, slides and new cribbing and gravel around it all.  HRM currently has this work out to tender.  If all goes well, the new playground will be ready for use in the Spring!

If you would like to be involved in making positive changes like this one in our community, please contact - we are always in need of volunteers who wish to make a difference.

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