Paving the Way for a Smooth 2015!

In the spirit of the season, we have some pretty exciting news to share with all of you!

Recently, our MLA, Mr. Iain Rankin, toured Brookside with the Minister of Transportation.  On December 10th, the Brookside Community Homeowner’s Association was notified by Mr. Rankin that paving the gravel section of Irisweg Drive has been approved for 2015.  This work will be completed in the 2015 summer/fall paving season.

This short section of road sees heavy construction traffic and needs nearly constant maintenance. We would like to send our thanks and appreciation to Mr. Rankin for his support and assistance in providing this much-needed upgrade to our community's infrastructure.

Happy Holidays to our residents and neighbouring communities!!

Addendum from Mr.Rankin's office:
Irisweg is being used as a main thoroughfare for many residents in the new section of the development at the end of the Brookside Road as well as most of the construction traffic from the development.

DOT has to pave the last 100 feet of Brookside Road and the decision to pave Irisweg at the same time was made because there was only a section of approximately 1/2 km that was unpaved. DOT will be trying to get the developer to contribute toward the cost of paving the last section of Irisweg.

Due to the increased use of Irisweg as a main traffic route DOT are considering upgrading the status of Irisweg from a “J” class road.

Our Constituency office has had numerous emails and other correspondence from residents about the poor condition of Irisweg, so we are pleased to see this work done. If you have more questions, please feel free to send them to us at

All the best
Barb Allen
Constituency Assistant
Iain Rankin, MLA
Timberlea - Prospect

Addendum from the BCHA Board:
There have been a lot of questions regarding this announcement. After meeting with the Minister of Transportation and Public Works, our MLA, Iain Rankin was able to make this announcement regarding the paving of Irisweg Drive. As we are early in the process, many of the details, including costs, are still being worked out. BCHA will provide updates as information is available. In the meantime, if you have specific questions, please contact Iain Rankin at his constituency office at 902-404-7036. Thank you.


  1. No offense, but for those of us who live in the same area of the county, who had to wait years for paving and then pay for it out of our pockets, not sure why this road in Brookside is more special than the rest of us.

  2. I'm happy for the residents who are getting the paving at no cost but you can bet I'm going to be writing to Mr. Ian Rankin about this. My road was no different than Irisweg, gravel between two paved roads requiring plowing and grading and I had to pay for the paving whether I wanted it or not. I think the residents along my road are due a refund!

  3. Why do those residents get special treatment, in my subdivision we all had to pay.

  4. Ok, Why the Heck would Brookside get FREE pavement for their roads? Mr. Rankin, I do believe that you are responsible for more areas than just Brookside. Take OLD COACH ROAD for example.
    Homeowners there have been forced to pay for the Chipsealin down 2 years ago. WE had to accept this even though a buisness with Golf course and restraunt were at the end of our road. They were not even made to pay the bulk of the cost. Time for you to address these issue Mr. Rankin and stop showing any forms of favoritism.

  5. Mr Rakin, I'm going to sto paying the LIC that I'm paying for Club Road!!!


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