Preparing for Public Consultation on Otter Lake

Preparing for Public Consultation
Preparing for Public Consultation
Hi everyone,

We are preparing for the inevitable community engagement program that HRM is pursuing.

The community engagement program will begin in early September. It is likely, given that HRM refuses to engage with the CMC, that we will not have any information on where, when, what, why and how until the information is made available to the public.

It is clear that an important part of HRM's strategy is to dilute the Otter Lake Community input with input from communities further afield that are not affected by the proposed changes at Otter Lake. Those residents may be happy to save money by closing facilities and extending the landfill life so it will not come to them. This community engagement strategy is designed to pit other communities against ours.

We would like to have people at all of the public meetings, where ever they are held. While we want to have people from our communities at each meeting, we would also like to have friendly locals as well. For instance, if there is a meeting in Fall River, we would like to have Fall River residents there telling HRM to keep its promises to the communities around Otter Lake.

So, we need to engage our friends, family members, association colleagues, etcetera in joining our campaign.

I ask you to reach out to others across HRM and ask them to join this mailing list so they can be informed about the campaign. If they are not going to the meetings, they can be providing online input. Everyone is a candidate for helping out.

People can join this newsletter list at


Ken Donnelly
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