Five Bridges Wilderness Heritage Trust AGM

Hello Friends,
I am writing to invite you to the Annual General meeting of the FBWHT.  The Trust's AGM will take place on Thursday, March 21, 2013,  at 7:00 p.m. at the Hubley Community Center.
The Directors of the FBWHT are taking a new approach in this year's Annual General Meeting.  Following a brief business meeting, Tom Musial, Founding President of the FBWHT, will outline a plan under which a variety of volunteer organizations will work with Nova Scotia Environment to promote awareness, use, stewardship, and management of the Five Bridge Lakes Wilderness Area in areas relating to education, research, conservation, and recreation.  Following this introduction, Paul Schwartz, Manager, Regional Strategies and Program Initiatives for Nova Scotia Environment, will lead a facilitated discussion to help the FBWHT membership decide which of ten possible roles the Trust will play in this initiative.  The facilitated discussion will give the FBWHT Directors an opportunity to hear the thinking of the Trust's membership and chart an action plan for the organization to follow in the coming years.  
We encourage you to come out to the meeting to provide your input to the Board of Directors.  This will help the Trust choose what direction it will take in years to come.  Your opinion matters to us!  Reports and documents which will be reviewed and considered at the AGM will follow at a later date.
Jill Pulsifer
Co-Chair, FBWHT

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