Councillor Adams' Meet and Greet Follow-up

Good evening,

This is a short message to update you on the result of the Meet 'n Greet session on Monday, November 19th with Councillor Stephen Adams at the Prospect Road Community Centre.

All forms have been reviewed, questions tabulated and forwarded to our staff for comment, also; an email distribution group has been created to provide information to those residents who requested to be on the list.  Note: The recipients of the information will receive the e-mails by Blind Copy in an effort to ensure your privacy is maintained.

A total of 86 questions/comments were received on a variety of topics, therefore; it may take some time to receive all the responses from the various departments involved.

The intention is to have the list of questions/comments available on the Councillors' webpage by Monday, November 26th.  A few answers to some questions may be available at that time and will also be linked.

As responses are received, the information will be updated on the Councillor's webpage.

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