The Scoop On Horse Poop

Recently, there has been a lot of chatter about mounds of horse poop in Brookside.  The BCHA has been listening and we have gathered some information regarding this issue.  Here are the bullet points of what we know so far:
  • The BCHA has checked with HRM Animal Control and the horses do not fall under under HRM's animal by-laws because they are considered agricultural animals.
  • The horses are individually owned and are only boarding at our local stables.
  • The stables are located at 804 Brookside Road.
  • The owners come to the stables to groom ride their horses.
  • Many of the riders are young girls.
  • The BCHA has messaged the stable owner to bring up our concerns; however, the horses are not owned by them, so there has not been any resolution thus far.
  • We have been told by HRM that if you have concerns, the best idea is to call the HRM hot-line at (902) 490-4000 and explain that you have a health complaint.  Include the time and place of the pooping incident and indicate that the stables are located at 804 Brookside Road.
  • In the meantime, the BCHA is looking into whether or not the riders would use (and therefore have to clean) bun bags if the BCHA donated them on behalf of the community.
  • If you have any other constructive resolution suggestions, please feel free to e-mail us at or post them to our Facebook Group for community feedback.
We appreciate your support!

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