Coyotes in your Neighbourhood

What should you do?

A number of coyote sightings have been noted in the Brookside area lately.  The Department of Natural Resources has some really great information on coyotes and what to do if you come in close contact with one (on your property or street).

There is also an option to report a sighting. We have spoken with a representative from the department and he has indicated that the department likes to get sighting reports whenever possible so they can track and monitor the movements and behaviors of the animals. One of our members sent in a report and received a follow up phone call the next day for additional information.

Some of the highlights from the site -

  • Coyotes are normally shy and fearful of people.
  • You can take steps to reduce the attractiveness of your property to coyotes and reduce the likelihood of a coyote encounter:
    • Trim trees and ground-level shrubs to reduce hiding places for coyotes and for the animals they prey upon.
    • Store bird feeders indoors at night. Clean up spilled birdseed to avoid attracting rodents, small mammals, and other coyote prey.
    • If you have fruit trees or berries, pick the fruit as soon as it ripens.
    • You may also want to put up fencing to keep coyotes out.
    • Install motion-sensitive lighting around your yard to discourage coyote visits.
    • Manage compost piles carefully to avoid attracting coyotes.
    • Store garbage in tightly closing, or locking containers, that cannot be opened or tipped over.
    • Keep pets inside at night
  • If a coyote approaches you, don't run; this can cause the coyote to chase you.  Instead, remember "BAM"
B - Back away
A - Act big
M - Make noise

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