FYI: Halifax C & D & Tire Recycling Tour

When: Saturday 17th September 2011 (11am - 3pm)
Where: Halifax C&D & Tire Recycling. 16 Mills Drive, Goodwood, Nova Scotia
Why: Open House Tours.

Halifax C & D & Tire Recycling invites you to take a tour of our facilities and see firsthand the rate of waste diversion from local landfills and the many new uses for materials produced.

Originally established in 1995, Halifax C&D is a Nova Scotian business specializing in recycling.

Halifax C&D is a leader in construction and demolition waste management with a diversion rate of over 75%.

Halifax C&D began the province’s first tire recycling facility producing TDA in Nova Scotia. A contract exists with the Resource Recovery Fund Board (RRFB) to process all of Nova Scotia's used tires
into an environmentally inert shredded tire product known as Tire Derived Aggregate (TDA). In the tire plants first year of production, beginning May 1st 2010, 1.228 million tires were processed into TDA type B at the Goodwood facility.

Halifax C&D & Tire Recycling are "Recycling The Present To Preserve The Future"

Facility tours information please contact Barb Allen (Community Relations Manager) 852-4664

Everyone welcome!

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